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Where You Officiate Matters, Where You
Take Entry Level Training, Matters Even More!
2 Booklets Speed Up Training Resource Links
Resource Links...Enjoy!!!! :)

1. IFAB website;
3. Referee Program...
4. Regional Referee Academy ( check with local advanced Referees )
6. by MLS Referee Rafal-a National Referee with the United States Soccer Federation
7. The Watch and the Whistle;
8. "For The Good of the Game"...Written by the late Bob Evans
9. Soccer Referee Association(s);..Local / County / State
10. Your Local or City / County Referee Coordinator and/or Mentoring Program Coordinator and/or Referee Instructor

11.Jacky Anderson Sports fitness training advisor:

7 Ways To UPGRADE Entry Level Referee Training & Officiating
Redefining How We Do What We Do! Entry Level Referee Training

Forward by Karl Dewazien
In the last few years, youth soccer in the United States has experienced a quantitative and qualitative surge in player development, so much so that even coaches are being pushed by the game itself to advance their knowledge of game tactics, conditioning, and skills development.
Make no mistake about this, even today's entry level u6-10 players are a part of this widespread developmental surge. The need for better qualified referees starts there.
"7 Ways To Upgrade Entry Level Referee Training and Officiating," generously flatters coaches as being 'masters of the art of practice.' I would prefer to say it a different way, that coaches have an inherent understanding and respect for practice.
When it comes to initial skills acquisition, there is simply no adequate substitute for practical, hands-on guidance by a caring and knowledgeable coach.
Readers who played on a team in their youth usually have memories of a good coach. Studies have shown that the most-remembered coaches are those who were always there, had a certain warmth or engaging personality for each and every teammate and, brought each player through progressive skills development (noticeable to all, especially to Mom and Dad) through practices, scrimmages or 'friendlies.'
"7 Ways To Upgrade Entry-Level Referee Training and Officiating," identifies referee mentors as today's new referee coaches, but it goes further by repositioning mentors in both post-certification and pre-certification coaching roles.
This is an essential and major shift in the training of entry level referees, altering the traditional mentoring paradigm.
As one of the three training partners who play primal, substantive roles in entry level development, referee candidates are in for the biggest 'shake up' of their lives by participating in league-sponsored field clinics and supervised scrimmage games as a requirement of the league's training program, prior to stepping on the field in regular games.
This is nothing new for players by the way. It is new for referees in most cases.
As a professional trainer and coach, I can say that it's about time! Time spent being coached that is!
I support and urge the development of entry level referee training through a variety of pre- and post-certification mentoring efforts. Players, coaches and the game that we love are counting on your developmental next 'steps.'
Karl Dewazien

About Karl Dewazien
* Coaching Director (C.Y.S.A) California Youth Soccer Association 1978-2012.
* Advisor to Technical Directors in the Olympic Development Program.
* Developed "Modified Laws of the Game" Adopted by US Youth Soccer (1990).
* Former United States Soccer Federation Referee Instructor (1979).
* Author of 8 "FUNdamental Soccer" books: For coaches and players.
* Author / originator of critically acclaimed 9 Step Practice Routine as part of the FUNdamental Soccer Curriculum.
Introduction Better Training, Better Officiating
Forward by Karl Dewazien
Chapter 1 "Coach, I don't know why I do what I do"e;
Chapter 2 Why Entry Level Referee Training Is Adrift
- 7 Counterproductive Traditions
Chapter 3 Training Mission Statement-A Working Outline
Chapter 4 The 3 Synergistic Training Partners
    # 1: DDI's & Licensing Class Instructors
    # 2: Licensing Class Students
    # 3: Referee Coordinators
Chapter 5 New Referee Commitment to Training Form
Chapter 6 Alliance Between Referee & Coaching Coordinators
Chapter 7 How Many Mentors Do You Need?
Chapter 8 The Costs of Training
Chapter 9 Referee Recruiting
Chapter 10 Law 18...District-wide Implementation Key To Systematic Improvement
Chapter 11 Summary Thoughts

It's Your Call !
Written for Entry Level Soccer Referees as Supplemental Training- 100's of practical ways to get better as a new soccer official

Chapter One:
Game Preparation
Begins At Home
• Storing complete uniform in one place
• Ditto for tools of the trade
• Who is your ride on game day?
• Putting your game face on
• The game face of mental preparation
• What is unfinished business?
Chapter Two:
 Preparation Continues
As Soon As You Get To The Field
• It's all about time management
• 4 Golden Opportunities to rapidly improve your referee skills
Chapter Three
The Game Face
Of Being In Good Running Condition
• Referees are presumed athletes
• Designing your own achievable conditioning program
• 4 good reasons to be in good running condition
• 3 cautious observations
Chapter Four
Handling Dissent
• The fan's irrefutable ritual of complaining
• Visualize knowing the difference between general complaining & disrespectful remarks
• Annonymous Complainers
• "Keep your chin up"-literally-when criticism happens
• An abundance of resources
Chapter Five:
Closing Comments
• Excel in your work@every age and playing level
• Peer pressure is ageless
• Heed the inner call to upgrade
• New referees' unique quality: when morphing matters, you make it happen
• Congratulations!
Chapter Six:
League Administrators
• Old cowboys never die, they just fade away
• Mentoring programs
• Paid mentors@ no additional cost to leagues

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