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Where You Officiate Matters, Where You
Take Entry Level Training, Matters Even More!
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Such a Training Path Has


1. Bolstered Confidence will accompany new Center Referees into their first games as they rapidly apply Referee skills recently learned.
2. An AR is likely to say YES quicker to become a Center Referee when asked, or, by initiating it themselves knowing that they will be guided by seasoned Referees on the Art of Officiating out in the middle.
3. Players will immediately benefit from rapidly improving new Center Referees. Players and New Center Referees and parents will definitely support such a TRAINING PATH.
4. Coaches will undoubtedly support such a TRAINING PATH that includes Mentor-supervised scrimmage games where Coaches simultaneously train players in the games.

Some new Referees know the LOTG very well, some do not, many aren't familiar with the purpose of the 'diagonal run', aren't prepared to make eye contact with the lead AR at a stoppage in their area, haven't been prepped on the use of their whistle or how to deal with player injuries....and a fair number of new Referees really aren't sure of the restarts on the field.... Your successful TRAINING PATH will complement any Mentoring approach that you are implementing...

The TRAINING PATH might include ( but not be limited to ): ...
a) Reading any published material available that the Referee Department has to offer ...
b) Viewing online videos from:,{ Online Training }; Referee Program,{ Advice to Referees }
c) Field Session with emphasis on duties prior to kick off, and Positioning, Movement, Communication, Signaling.
d) Open book Quiz- designed to be educational as much as it is to learn if the AR knows their 'stuff '(You can create your own)
e) Officiating as REFEREE in at least 2 Mentor-supervised scrimmage games:
Then, Mentored In REGULAR SEASON games, in Classic Mentor mode, which could include sending " Instructive Silent Signals "(ISS's) at stoppages when appropriate. If ISS's are to be used, they are taught prior to the game and represent a lightning fast method of sending advice / corrective info / support, all for immediate application--SENT AT STOPPAGES ONLY. ISS's are described in detail in Mentoring 103 section.
In REGULAR SEASON OR SCRIMMAGE GAMES DURING THE SEASON, the Mentor could be AR1, AR2 or a 4th Official, again, with option to send ISS's from either position, plus, talk at the 1/2 and end of game.

Because AR's are on their own timetable as to when they are ready to 'go for it'( become a CTR REFEREE )....the value of being on a TRAINING PATH lies in the benefits derived by those AR's who will 'study up' first, knowing that they are being guided on developmental issues that will better enable them to succeed rapidly than having jumped into the position without having been on any training path whatsoever. One helpful change / improvement in Entry Level Training is that attention is being given to the Center Referee position in the Field Session.

EACH SOCCER LEAGUE CAN DESIGN THEIR OWN TRAINING PATH, intent on building the confidence necessary to make a firm commitment to 'go for it,' a decision, which, up until being trained, was probably delayed many a time. Because officials do talk amongst themselves...when telling others that they want to start taking games as a Referee 'out in the middle,' the word will quickly get back to them that their league actually trains them prior to stepping into the role. They are also likely to know someone who went through the League's Referee Training Path, where first hand testimony will bolster those who are still reluctant to take on the responsibilities of the Referee.
We have all noticed that Coaches love to organize scrimmage games for their players, and quite often step onto the field as "referees" during those games...

We suggest that Coaches & their players could benefit if the Referee Coordinator and/or Mentor Program Coordinator were informed of those upcoming games....which could be used for 'hands on' training of new and relatively new Center Referees plus new AR's... The League's Training Path could be explained by the Instructor in the Entry Level Licensing Class too.

Because parents are often involved in the decision to become a REFEREE, it is very important for all officials to be aware of the Referee Department's Center Referee Training Program; we know from experience that parents, who are aware that their kid is being well trained, will support them when deciding to take the Licensing Class and when to 'go for it' BOTH AS AN ASSISTANT REFEREE and as a REFEREE by signing up for the training program that you created. Such a program will not only produce better REFEREES on a quickened pace, but will greatly enhance AR and REFEREE RETENTION.

A training path doesn't eliminate all of the FEAR of what lies ahead. It does equip the official with self-reliance and trust that what we've told him / her about POSITIONING...COMMUNICATION...MOVEMENT...SIGNALING is grounded on our career accumulation of game management skills.

One of's slogans is: " Better Training...Better Officiating. Better Officiating...Less Criticism. Less Criticism...Better Retention "

There's no 'downside' to setting up a Referee Training Path: everyone wins! Players, new Referees alike. Mentors, you know WHAT to say...create a PATH FORWARD on WHEN & HOW to say it, and WATCH YOUR NEW CENTER REFEREES GROW, REALLY GROW!

If you'd like to correspond as you build your TRAINING PATH, or talk on the phone, I'm all for it=(Tommy O'Brien, owner/author of this website).

Communication Form

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Tommy, I'll Call You Soon @ 530-474-5135
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Tommy, if I come across a soccer league
that has some sort of AR Training Path to become a Referee 'Out In The Middle,'
I’ll let you know so you can communicate with them..



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