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Where You Officiate Matters, Where You
Take Entry Level Training, Matters Even More!
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  Where You Officiate Matters.....
.........Where and How You Receive Entry Level Training Matters Even More!


Ok, step into this hypothetical situation with me:

Suppose you have no prior experience as a soccer official and are suddenly faced with this choice: You must re-register as
a brand new soccer official, take the entry level referee licensing class again and more than likely take games with the league that sponsors the licensing class.
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In your first 2 years, you'll want to get a lot of games and move up the ladder to higher level matches & better pay. You might want to receive a shot at becoming a Center Referee too.

Your Choice of Licensing Class: Three (3) neighboring soccer leagues will be hosting a licensing class within the next three weeks. You have time to check out each league's Training Program & go about asking questions much the same way that you would when conducting a job search....This is something that you would do if one of your kids was taking the class as well...

The goal of your search: find a League that will best send you and/or your kid(s)to games “Job Ready.”



About Your Decision:  

1. Would the absence of any training beyond the licensing class rule that league out?

2. Would a league requiring a field clinic Plus the licensing class be more appealing?

3. Would you give more weight to a league requiring a licensing class, field clinic and being mentored in at least 2 Pre-Season scrimmage games to get you Job Ready?

4. Now that you’ve made your decision, do you know in your ‘gut’ that it was the right decision?
5. Optional: email address If you wish to be contacted



Does your local soccer league and neighboring leagues send newly licensed referees to their first games Job Ready? If they do, support their good work any way that you can. If they don’t, help them make the necessary changes to do that.

If you'd like to share your decision, send to

Where you Officiate Matters......
.........Where You Receive Entry Level Training Matters Even More!


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