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Where You Officiate Matters, Where You
Take Entry Level Training, Matters Even More!
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  Referee Coordinator & Licensing Class Organizer
  *assures that Licensing Class is booked + directs participants to actively participate in Class.
*creates/manages Pre-Season Jamboree schedule with Coaching Coord(s)
*helps Assignor & Mentoring Program Coord throughout season; at times, places  temporary blocks/holds
on AR & CR positions to achieve Mentor & Mentee match ups
*works with Assignor & Mentoring Program Coord to identify training paths best suited for brand new Center Referees
(reading material, mentoring ‘in’ & ‘at’ games, etc.)
* helps Mentoring Program Coordinator recruit/train future Mentors
*enlists the help of other seasoned Refs and/or Mentors to create a Library on in-house and other written / online
material relevant to learning LOTG and basics of officiating.


*assigns newly licensed refs to Jamboree AR and CR positions
*sends refs who are ‘new-to-league’ and/or league refs seeking upgrades in game levels thru the Mentoring ‘pipeline’
for feedback or additional training
*time permitting, works with Mentoring Program Coord & Ref Coord, using temporary blocks/holds on positions to achieve
Mentoring & Mentee match ups
*usually a Mentor, benefits by getting to know players’ skill levels for upcoming ‘game level’ requests
*supports Mentoring Mission by temporarily deferring search for officials to Mentoring Program Coordinator who quickly creates match ups of mentors / mentees

Assignor might have rec'd feedback from Referees / Referee Coordinator / Coaches / Mentoring Program Coordinator about a particular official who is always out of position or way too slow, etc.

On his / her own, Assignor asssigns a Mentor to 1-2 regular games with that official and sends short note to Mentor and / or Mentoring Program Coordinator about the situation.

Assignor is often the contact for Coaches who request officials for stand-alone scrimmage games. The Referee Coordinator and /or Mentoring Program Coordinator "snap into action" by filling at least 2 of the 3 positions with the Mentee and a Mentor. By agreement, Mentoring Program Coordinator's temporary "hold" on positions( for the purpose of securing Mentor & Mentee matchups) could be limited to 24-36-48 hours.... giving the positions back to the Assignor if still open at end of the agreed time.

Successful / Optimal Mentoring occurs when Referee Coordinator, Assignor, Mentoring Program Coordinator combine their talent and energy: New Referees and the game that we serve WIN when we work together well.

Mentoring Program Coordinator

*recruits / trains / assigns Mentors to Jamboree AR / CR mentoring slots and throughout entire season whenever possible in both 'IN' and 'AT' the game mentor capacities
*teaches Mentors special 'on the spot / in the game training technique' : "How & Why to Lead with the Compliment" ( see Chapter 3, Mentoring 101, 102, 103 Under 103, Ninja Mentoring-Unbridled Mentoring)
*works with & sends feedback to Ref Coord & Assignor on Mentor / Mentee matchups in regular games & especially in scrimmage games.
*uses Ref Coord / Assignor online assigning tools so as to temporarily block AR/CR slots for Mentor/Mentee matchups
*enlists the help of other seasoned Refs and/or Mentors to create a Library of in-house and other written / online material relevant to learning LOTG and basics of refereeing

The Rotary Engine of Training functions at it's highest level of performance when all three department managers
execute within their capacities in Pre-Season & Regular Season Training.

Cohesive Training Plan in Balance

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